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Wildwood Frenchies Since 2007!

Here at Wildwood Frenchies, located in Celina, Texas, I spend my time making sure I cover all aspects that are associated with breeding and raising well adjusted, well bred and healthy dogs. I want to make sure the dogs I breed are healthy. All of my dogs have been checked by my vet to make sure they will produce healthy puppies. I also put a lot of careful thought into the confirmation of each dog I intend to breed. All of the dogs I breed come from champion bloodlines. I select my dogs based on the AKC standard for the French Bulldog. I take into account the pedigree as well as the traits I'm putting together with each breeding. After careful consideration, I have accumulated only what I believe is the best quality French Bulldogs. The goal here is definitely to improve the breed! I care that all of my dogs have a clean and sanitary place to raise their pups as well as to live in. 

I have read countless books on breeding, showing, dog psychology, etc. I have also read many of Cesar Millan's books. In case you don't know, Cesar Millan is on the T.V. show, "The Dog Whisperer." This is my full time job so I make sure that my dogs are psychologically well adjusted so that they will bring well adjusted puppies into the world. I make sure that my dogs get plenty of exercise which helps them to be well balanced psychologically. All of my dogs live in a pack environment as pets. The only time they're ever in a cage is when I feed them so they never develop food aggression. I feel so blessed to have these incredible dogs in my life and I hope I can bring the same amount of joy to other people that chose to acquire a Frenchie from me! 

I will not place a puppy with someone who does not understand what this breed requires. The main reason for this is that French Bulldogs must be kept inside and have a dog door to go in and out because they can't handle extreme heat. I have no doubt that some or all of the puppies I sell will be show quality. Don't be afraid to email or call me for questions. I have done my research and continue to do research so that I will know everything I can about French Bulldogs. My French Bulldogs are exceptional and if you decide this is the breed for you, you will not be disappointed with my Frenchies. :) GOD BLESS YOU! 

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